Who's Who

Here are some of the more notable Pathians and guests.

Played or Feature Characters of Pathi

A Custos who has recently been assigned to Hierophant Kynan.
Son of Clarissa and Oberon, and an occasional visitor to Pathi.
Son of Clarissa and Oberon, and part time resident of Pathi. Recently missing for approximately a century.
Custos and scholar.
Current ambassador to Amber. Daughter of Giacomo.
Son of Giacomo. Custos. Bodyguard of Lucia.
Son of Fiona. Basileus of the Academy of Glass.
Son of Morpheus. Archon of Iron, Custos, Ambassador to Rebma.
Daughter of Clarissa and Oberon, and an occasional visitor to Pathi.
Giacomo Mozart
Son of Brand and Margot. Proponent of the hybrid magic and science theory.
Brother to Vosah. Academy of Iron dropout. Witch Hunter. Hunter of the Nagoverians.
Grandson of Clarissa from her post-Oberon marriage, cousin to Vosah. He is a Scholi of the Academy of Brass, former acting Ambassador of the Embassy in Amber. His full title is Scholarch Philosophos Exoterikos Dokimastis Hierophant Kynan of Kolegio para Mavrodromos (Black Road) of Brass.
Second daughter of Lunetta, the Archon of Glass. Her paternal line is an open secret in the upper echelon of the government. She is the Pathian Sibyl, the Grand Mistress of the Sanctuary, currently assigned to the Embassy in Amber as adviser to Desirata. She has relinquished all titles within the Academies upon taking up her position with the Sisterhood of Covenant.
Nikandros Adler
Native of Pathi, and Alumnus of Brass.
Son of Fiona and a mage of farther Shadows, Quinlan is one of the better known Exoterikos.
Grandson of Clarissa from her post-Oberon marriage, cousin to Kynan. Married into House Karm of Amber.

Guests of Pathi

A curious outsider who knows both too much and too little.

Deceased, Retired, or Non-player Characters

Deceased. Third wife of Oberon, and mother to Fiona, Bleys, and Brand. After her divorce and return to Pathi, she engaged in other marriage contracts that produced children, founding a line independent from that of Amber.
The current Archon of Glass and mother to Lucia.
Mairene Nagoverian
Alias Maren Nagos. One of an infamous family of Pathi traitors, the Nagoverians.
Former Wife of Brand. Died in a lab accident approximately two centuries ago. Mother to Aurora, Mozart and Kincaid.
Sibyl. Water rank.
Current Archon of Brass. (Morpheus is an active NPC.)
Deceased. Graduate of the Academy of Brass. Former member of the Red Dragons. Lately, corrupted by the Black Road. Traitor. Murderer. Prisoner. Died under mysterious circumstances while imprisoned.
Retired. An old man, well-known researcher, and sometime professor of deep topics in sorcery in the Academy of Brass, with a long list of accomplishments. For a time, he moved his lab to the Pathi Embassy in Amber to continue his research in hopes of finishing it before he expired, though he has since returned to Pathi. He answers to Kepheus and carries various academy titles as well.
NPC, deceased. Former Archon of Iron. Killed at the end of the Black Road invasion.
Formerly, a very old Pathi, and a respected mentor in the Academy of Brass. Almost everyone who has been in the Academy of Brass in the last several centuries has had Pliny as a mentor at one time or another. Later, he joined forces with the Black Road, and was killed in the invasion, which he orchestrated.