The Academy Of Glass


The Academy of Glass is the academic branch of Pathi's Academy system, and as such has the widest-ranging portfolio of the three Academies. Where Brass dedicates itself to sorcery and Iron to martial concerns, Glass houses scholars of an immense variety of topics, both esoteric and exoteric. Due to this inclusiveness, the Academy of Glass has a fairly large enrollment, as those without the ability to progress far in the study of Arcanis, or without the ability or desire to progress as a Custos, end up on Glass's roles. To some, this gives the Academy a reputation as a place of last resort, but most of the researchers there do not see it so.

To those within the Academy, it can be a sanctuary, a resource, but also a peril - the politics between the Scholoi are fierce, and competition over prestigious assignments or for the occasionally limited resources has been known to run to violence on rare occasion.


The various Kolegia of the Academy of Glass cover a wide range, but a few of the major ones are below:

Kolegio Kosmoi

The Kolegio Kosmoi is home to the cosmological researchers of Pathi. While the study of the nature of magic is the province of the Academy of Brass, this Kolegio researches the nature of reality, including attempts to understand the structure and potential of shadow.

Kolegio Spagyria

Pathi's school of Alchemy, the Kolegio has spent millennia refining that art, distilling it down to well-understood laws and processes that stand in stark contrast to the independent researches found elsewhere in the universe. Many Pathi understand the basics of Alchemy, regardless of their home Academy, and it is often due to a course of study here.


Lunetta is the current Archon of Glass, having successfully fought off internal challenges for ages.

Dominic is the current Basileus Spagyria, and although he currently resides in Amber, he remains involved with his Kolegia and his Archon's interests.

Scholarch Antonio was a ranking member of the Kolegio Kosmoi's faculty, slain during Pliny's invasion. His daughter Tracy was recently recovered from shadow.

Hierophant Miklos, though long deceased, still has an influence on the Kolegio Kosmoi - he was Basileus for many years, both during and after his marriage to Princess Fiona of Amber.