In addition to personal experience, you could expect to know the information on this page if you have any of the following lores:

  • GL-Pathi/5
  • GP-Arcanis/4

The Sanctuary houses five Sibyls at any one time. Each sibyl holds mastery over one element, and the fifth Sibyl is the Grand Mistress of the Sanctuary. The ranks and powers within the sacred house is a subtle thing. Young and newly chosen Sibyls almost always hold a higher position while the more experienced ones wrestles with their diminishing powers. Its weave is incomprehensible to even Pathian citizens. Although they present a façade of unity to all, the struggle between the Sibyls is a vicious thing that makes the most hardened warriors bleach. Given the ominous fact that not a single old and aged Sibyl is ever seen and no death of Sibyls is ever announced, the brutality that exists within the House is a not a thing to be sniffed at. But maybe it is all just some idle rumours and speculations.

  • The Pathian Sibyl, the Grand Mistress of the Sanctuary
  • The Sibyl of Fire, the Second Mistress of the Sanctuary
  • The Sibyl of Earth, the Third Mistress of the Sanctuary
  • The Sibyl of Water, the Fourth Mistress of the Sanctuary
  • The Sibyl of Air, the Fifth Mistress of the Sanctuary

Sibyls do not see into the future, though they certainly possess the powers should they choose to do so. Future is fluid and in constant motion, therefore, they acquire knowledge and facts from the past and the present. It is said that the Sisterhood of the Covenant can communicate with a higher power of the universe, and there is no secret barred to them. But the price for those secrets is steep.

There is no taking without leaving something behind. Each Sibyl is ranked according to their potentials against their Sisters, and whatever the price is (a guarded secret within the Sanctuary which is given to much speculation), it is finite. Because each Sibyl holds a limited reservoir within themselves to channel the commune, the Sanctuary extracts a weighty boon for each favor and their services to Pathi grant them the highest distinction in their society.

No one knew the inevitable fate of these young women. During peaceful times, a Sibyl may preserve for centuries without the need to call upon her powers. But time of conflict can see a Sibyl swiftly depleting herself within a matter of months, weeks, or even days. As a Sibyl’s power diminishes, she will slip down the hierarchy of the Sanctuary. To be appointed as a new Mistress of the Sanctuary is both a honor and a tragedy.

The Sibyls burn brightly, but their flame can be fleeting indeed.