Quinlan du Naji

Aeroporos Philosophos Exoterikos, Alumnus of Brass.

Quinlan du Naji
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Quinlan is a son of Fiona, and an unknown warlock of farther Shadows. In Pathi, he's known as an interested and devoted student of all things magical, but one of those mages that just can't stay put on Pathi and commit to pure academic research. Thus he is an Exoterikos, returning to Pathi periodically in perpetually unsuccessful attempts to interest the Academies in magical findings beyond Pathi's waters.

He has written several works, which can be found in the Athenaeum if one really, really looks hard for them; the works have never been approved for inclusion by the Archons, but every now and then rebellious students will tuck a copy in the stacks for other interested students to find. His works can, however, be found in the other Great Libraries known to devotees of mystical lore; the Palace Library of Amber, and the Library of Chantris.

In recent years, the young mage has been seen (when in Pathi) with the Aeroporos, masters of the element of Air, who have among other things worked out how to use Arcanis to fly.

Beyond Pathi

For those who, like Quinlan, venture frequently beyond Pathi's waters, Quinlan is rather better known. Specifically, he's known to have ties to several of the Great Houses as well as the Black Gulls, and to frequently conduct 'research trips' far beyond the Golden circle. He is also a teacher in Fiona's Academy in the Upper City of Amber, although at present he teaches only an introductory (primary school) level course introducing students to the nations of the Golden Circle. It has been said, even so, that he's prone to taking his students on field trips that make the Golden Circle nations 'memorable'.

Published Works

(This is not a complete listing; it is however a complete listing of those works not considered classified material.)

Blood and Light: Illumination Studies in Cibolan Shadows

Ghul: A Study of the Ifrit Cults of Alhambra

Illusions of Alhambra: Mirages and Magic in the Desert

The Isle of Acultu: Possibilities for Research into Mirror Magic


//(Being a list of titles awarded Quinlan by various sources over the years.)

Pathi: Aeroporos Philosophos Exoterikos, Alumnus of Brass.
* The Black Gulls: Watchman
* House Chantris: Knight of Chantris and Library Patron
* House Karm: Trusted of Karm
* Academy of Amber: Instructor in Golden Circle Studies