Lions Chimera And Dragons Oh My

After a long bit of traveling outside the cities of Montevalno, along the edge of the black road that creeps through a a forest now twisted and perverted by the poison that is the 'Road'. A small campsight has been set by Merovech and those who travel with him in search of a lost comrade.

A group of hardy Scouts has set up defensive positions and lookouts around the camp. It allows those who need it a chance to break from the days long and strange march through shadow. "We are close now to where Ethan and I found the block in Shadow." Says Mero. "It took the form of a dragon."

Ethan tells Mero. "You mean Lion… and he may not be right past it, but Kincaid's definitely somewhere beyond here." He produces a trump from his deck. "Desirata will want to see this…"

Ethan says, "Mero and I have found something between us and Kincaid. Come see."

Desirata nods. The young lady is with a small group of others. Petrus, Meric and Alonzo it would seem, though the conversation is lost with the contact. "Um, mind if I bring a few others," she notes with a wry smile. "I fear we were discussing Kincaid."

Meric peers from around Desirata at who she's talking to and nods his head at Ethan.

Raphaela was a quiet one on the march with Mero, rather fond of staying close to Mei who travelled with her. She offers smiles to those she knows, and to those she doesn't, hiding her pale hair beneath a simple cap. Looks like a young, thin lad, eavesdroping on the conversation.

Ethan says, "It might be dangerous. So make sure they're prepared for action." He smiles. "It will be another exciting outing though… I promise.""

Desirata smiles. "I don't think they don't know how -not- to be," she replies and holds out a hand for the others to join her along through the happiness of the trumps.

Alonzo steps through with Desi, chuckling at her last comment.

Petrus takes joins Desirata, looking momentarily suspicious as he joins the connection, and follows after when she goes through.

Meric takes Desirata's hand when she offers it. "I'm ready."

Ethan pulls Desi and her companions to where he stands neer the campfire.

Mero nods and greets the newcomers.

Alonzo surveys the surroundings and nods in return, with a grin.

Meric straightens a moment and looks down. "Hmm. I didn't bring any of my weapons, so I guess I'll just change." And sure enough, with a quick shift, he's a big gray weir.

Petrus considers his new surroundings, then nods generally in informal greeting. He's wearing light

Desirata looks to the weir and then to Ethan, and smiles. "Hello,cousin," she states with a slight smile. She's more than apt to borrow a dagger from someone.

The cool night wind picks up, sweeping over the fires coals and billowing the smoke into the black night sky. A few shouts from the camp's sodliers can be heard in the distance along with the ring of steel.

Alonzo looks admiredly at Meric. "Neat thing, that."

Meric stretches out, his body is most definitely built for power. "It has it's perks," he answers Alonzo, voice a deep rumble.

Mero says, "If you need to arm yourselves there are a few weapons here. We have lost four men on this ranging but we have salvaged most of their weapons and they are still in good repair."

"Thank you," replies Desirata while going in search of a weapon. "I fear that it isn't my primary choice, but better than finding the wrong end of a dagger."

Ethan lingers his eyes on her a brief moment and smiles. "It's good to see you." He takes a step calling on the pattern and produces an extra blade that of course just happened to be in his backpack, and offers it to her. "Here." His eyes follow the sound of the ringing steel then. "We've come to a block along the road. Some kind of giant Lion, and these swarms of foes with it… the rangers have been handling them. but the beast may not be so simple a matter.

Petrus considers Ethan, looking thoughtful. "Do you know, incidentally, if it had a shadow?" he asks.
Raphaela's pale eyes track new people as they gather and equip as she still, remains quiet, listening. She has a leather sheathed crossbow across her back and a pouch of, presumably, crossbow arrows. She doesn't seem keen on taking more weapons.

Mero's eyes perk up at the sound of steel on steel. He turns to Ethan. "It was a dragon Ethan, you just wearn't close enough to get a good look." He sprints off torwards the sounds. "It's tough to see Shadows in this light."…"Seargeant on your left flank!" "Archers! Nine O'Clock!"

Desirata is more than willing to accept the blade and follows Ethan's attention towards the sound. "Best not tell father I was here," she murmurs softly and tightens her hold to the weapon.

Meric meanders amongst the group, sniffing at everyone so he knows their scents. As he passes
Raphaela he brushes up against her leg, but doesn't linger, but moves off elsewhere, after Desirata and Ethan.

Alonzo nods and silently reaches down to grab two daggers, one of which goes in his right boot. The other tucked into his waist in the back. He does not draw them though, but simply holds his hands out and murmurs a few words of an ancient language, careful to wait until after Mero has sniffed his scent.

Raphaela tilts her head at the Meric. If her heart did jump out of her chest when big beast brushed pass, it didn't show. She slips her crossbow out, with a distinct lack of flourish.

Ethan says, "For someone usually so clear eyed I'm surprised at you. You don't have to get that close to see it was a big freakin Lion. Not a fire breathin lizard." Retorting to Mero, with a laugh." He draws his broadsword, and looks at it's gleam in the dim moonlight. "Anyway, sounds like your boys could use a hand…"

Raphaela asks "Was it, perhaps different to each of you?" she somehow happens to be there.

Twisted shadows of what might be men tangle with the ranger scouts away from the camp. Archers propped up into trees lay down arrows as another wave of the twisted road spawn stagger toward the camp. "Sir! These waves are growing into a steady stream." Calls out a captain to Mero, "We can hold out for another hour but then the men will need to rest."

Mero says, "We need to break their line and get to where we saw the beast. Wait for the enemy to mass! Then give them three good volleys! Everyone else with me we are going to push forward!"

Desirata nods, tightening her hand to the blade. "Do you wish cover, Merovech," she asks with a strange sort of calm. "I can see if it will buy your men some time."

Petrus apparenlty intends to join Mero's push. He draws one of his weapons, and waits for trouble. A slow smile seems to find his face as he watches the fighting.

Meric moves right up beside Mero and and crouches down a bit. "Say the word. I will tear them apart," he says.

Mero nods to Desirata request. "Find cover for yourself and hit as many of them as you can!" He waits for a volley and then charges forward sword leading the way.
Mero says, "Charge!"

Raphaela might be a touch…mentally challenged…at the moment, cause she's also among those behind Mero.

Desirata nods and pivots on a heel. She slides the blade into what little belt she has upon the gown before moving to shimmy up one of the trees. With a few words, she seems intent to blind with smoke it would seem. A favored choice of the woman.

Alonzo 's hands each hold a large ball of white hot fire, apparently just clinging to his hands..for now. As Mero charges forward Alonzo steps up behind him holding his hands out to either side as the balls become wafer thin white hot wedges of fire that broadside the enemies on either side of Mero.

Meric howls and springs into action, running on all fours right at the enemy masses. Even being a slower weir, he can run faster than a human.

"Stay close to me." Ethan says to Desirata taking up a defensive stance as he keeps enemies off of her. His gleeming blade is soon slaked with black and red, as they wade through the twisted minions of the road and she casts her spell.

Petrus follows after Mero's charge, sans battle-cry, appearing unhindered by lighting conditions.

Raphaela slips arrow in the crossbow and seems to count solely on agility, wits and sheer luck to avoid attacks against her, make her attackers end up killing eachother and generally…trying not to trip on people from her side. She even manages to aim at few darklings that got behind her charging buddies.

As those with Mero ready their weapons and begin to push forward. The shadows draw back under the moonless sky and within the growing cloud of smoke to offer glimpses of twisted beast like men. Their numbers impossible to estimate, as more and more come into view pushing through the wooded black forest. Their faces taken shape as a blur of creatures of the forest. Some lash out with swords, others with teeth, claw, and horns.
With smoke choking and stinging the senses of these naturally keen sensed creatures, they stagger, dazed and distracted. (Challenge 6)

Arrows and fire sail over head. Amazingly, Mero stays in front of the group, even the Weir all the way to the enemy lines. His sword splits them apart like chordwood.

Meric stares at Mero as the man out runs him, but as he draws near to the beast he singles one out. He jumps right at the creature, going for the throat and ripping it to pieces with his teeth.

Ethan walks, into the frey the glint of his blade a combination of blurs, and flashes. The dying yawp of a one horned beast man. The gorgle of a man beast. Make Ethan the conductor of a symphny of death.

When she has time to aim, Raph is amazingly skilled at it, for an amateur. Technology. Anyone can weild it. Twang, wooosh, tup. She then picks one tree she /can/ climb on and wriggles up on the first branch. One blackling tries to reach for her but with a thwap, a dagger hops out of her boot and she's free of its fingers. So is it.

As her friends dive into the fray, the smoke begins to clear. Beneath one unfortunate soul, or maybe not because of his twisted state, the ground begins to rumble and gives way. The timing almost fortutiously in line to a strike from her side.

Petrus keeps pace with the other man-forms. He disables where he can't find a sure kill, his movements efficient and light.

Alonzo is not in the vanguard with Mero but following in the lead of the non-weir and blasting enemies that come at him from the side. With a leap upwards and a spin he sweeps both hands across the enemy line as if holding a firehose. What sprays out and covers them is not water however, but a white hot stream of fire that plays over their faces leaving them blackened and smoking ruins.

Meric goes after another of the devilish road creatures since he's already demolished the one. There's another one nearby so he bites its ankle and starts dragging it away from the rest while it flails at him.

Raphaela twines around a branch, her cap falling off to reveal silvery hair coiled in many serpenty braids. As she climbes up and settles, she seems rather placid for someone dripping with beast goom and rather not out of place for someone who is so obviously out of place here. She looks around to see the situation and then grins somewhat cruelly, her aim flawlessly picking out the most annoying creatures.

The streaming darklings lay in waste from arrows to blades; teeth, smoke and fire. Some of the creatures try to crawl away from thier death. While other beast men gurgle and gasp thier last breathes. What might have been the next wave of creatures can be seen falling back. Moral shaken if not outright broken.

Ethan stays neer Desirata. He shoves a fleeing creature right into the churning earth that she
commands, and throws a wink in her direction.

Mero stabs his sword down through the chest of a dying beastman. He motions for everyone to keep moving forward. "Quickly, before they regroup!"

With a twang, a bolt lands dangerously near to Desirata's ear. The woman nearly toppling from the tree in her haste to put distance between her and the offending bolt. One foot skitters off the limb, and she kneels to catch herself. The next explosion of dirt narrowly misses her target.

Alonzo will take advantage of the lull to reach down and touch the earth, reasoning that the creature's commander will be somewhere with a view of the battlefield, possibly in a tent and either ringed with guards or with space around him so he can see.

Meric stops pulling the creature and jumps onto it's chest before he all but devours its head. The mangled shape that's left behind twitches a few times, but Meric charges at Mero's request, heading right for the enemy.

Ethan's eyes loose their mirth, as they follow the bolt that barely missed Desi.

Raphaela hops off her tree, gracefuly. It's her story and she'll stick to it. She dusts herself off and runs. She's in oddly good shape for an idle businesswoman slash noble.

Alonzo stands quickly, shoving his hand in the face of a blackling that got too close and letting loose with a blast of fire as it breathes in to bellow rage, causing it to fall in agony.
Alonzo speaks loud enough to be heard by the others over the din of battle. "Their… goat.. sense of power from him…up ahead and to the left..In black twisted grass."

Desirata curls a hand to the branch, and clamors down to join Ethan. She flashes one of those bright, innocent smiles that clearly implies she's A-OKAY. She doesn't add the handle single, but offers another word to see about the grounding giving way in front of her.

As Mero and the Wier take point in pushing ahead. The slow or witless of the beast men fall under fang and sword. The beast men scattering into the treelines, pushing back wence they came past a tree lne and into a small clearing. Screams of fear and horror warning others of thier kind that doom is approaching.

Raphaela is unphased, giving her best to keep up.

Petrus pushes himself harder, trying to make his way toward the vanguard of the assault. He's picked up a gash above his temple and a few rents in his chain, but aside from that and blood, he appears to have come through well, so far.

Ethan nods to Desirata, and proceeds with caution following the others and making sure she is close by.

Desirata doesn't wander far, but she does pull the blade free with a slice to her fabric belt. Something to leave behind.

Mero looks back to Alonzo and alters his heading slightly at his signal. He makes for the breaks at the treeline ahead, killing a few unfortunate straglers on the way. As he nears the breaks he slows down and approaches more cautiously. He puts a fist in the air signaling for the others to use caution as well.

Alonzo pauses a moment, for some reason the flames turning a blood red, as he blindly burns while
looking back at her and the arrow. He does not comment, but only pauses in forward motion and raises an eyebrow in question.

Raphaela almost trips on remains of Desi's clothes. Thankfully, there's no one to see it. She's nowhere near using caution, still trying to catch up.

Meric makes sure to keep clear of all the fire as he moves after Mero. "Be careful, Mero. That's the Road. Don't step on it," he says before he charges and brings down a beast that was trying to come at the group.

Desirata nods, though not sure to what at first. She's that sort follow along merrily.

Raphaela steps into half eaten Meric's meal and ews, quietly, shaking it off her boot. Then hops along.

Indeed the twisted earth and grass of the clearing has been tainted by the road which cuts across small field. Beastmen flee in all directions from the wood as they reach the darkened earth.

Grazing in the center of the clearing is a extremely large goat. Black twisted horns reach to the sky and blood red eyes lazily lift up to look to the tree line. Perhaps both Ethan and Mero were mistaken in thier assement of the creature.

Alonzo grins lopsidedly all of a sudden, turning back to the battle. The one he downed is still screaming, a bow in its hands, its eyes burnt away. After a moment he burns its hands to a crisp, but only its hands, leaving it screaming in agony as he resumes his advance. He seems to hold THAT creature particular malice, denying it a quick kill. One hand now has fire, but his left has unhooked one of the flasks at his belt and popped it's cork. The smell of whale oil and of all things, Soap, wafts strongly from the bottle.

Petrus reaches the front, breathing heavily and clearing some blood from his eye while he tries to make out what's ahead. He stands ready, waiting for the next order.

Mero stops in his tracks and ponders the goat. "That is /not/ the dragon. But be weary it is most likely some creature of the road!" He sheathes his sword and takes out his bow, drawing aim on the ugly goat.

Ethan reaches the tree line and stops in his tracks. Not seeing what he'd expected at all. For a moment he just looks sort of dumfounded at the thing. He squints. "Lion… Dragon… big black goat…"

Alonzo switches hands, dousing his fire before he grasps the flask with his right hand.

"sounds like an menagerie," Desirata states to Ethan. She stills when her cousin does, tightening her hold to the blade.

Raphaela tries to look at the goat but instead leans on the tree and breathes heavily as she catches up, finally.

"It's standing in the Road grass and grazing," Meric says as he looks up to Mero. "Seems pretty obvious it's a Road beast."

Alonzo shrugs, "So..guessing we don't go in there after about we make it come out? I mean grass is or otherwise..nothing wants to be in a grass fire."

Meric sniffs the air suddenly and spins about. He growls and runs towards Raphaela. "Raphaela look out! There's something in the trees!"

Raphaela aims up her crossbow, firing randomly.

Not something in the trees but a giant sized lion. Already in mid pounce of its intended prey, Raphaela. This enormous creatures teeth flash like short blades, its claws like daggers. (Challenge 11 to defend and attack.)

Alonzo grins, and sets the nearest tree on fire, then proceeds to next tree.

Raphaela alas, looks up then. And blinks. "Good kitty." she tries to twine on the other side of the tree.

"Raphaela, watch out," cries Desirata while the woman darts forward to try and push her friend out of the way.

Alonzo switches tactics seeing the lion pouncing out of his peripheral vision and throws the flask of whale mixed with Soap at the kitty, hard enough to break on impact.

Petrus considers the movement in the trees, but stays put for the moment.

Meric charges at the lion as it bears down on Raphaela. He launches himself at the beast and bites, lots of biting.

…no way is Desirata becoming Lion food, while Ethan is there to stop it. He Charges to intercept the Lion, and protect the girls.

The lion is huge. Its paws reaching past Raphaela to Mero and Desirata. The dagger sized talons sweep out to dig into its prey. Acting as a shield for Desirata, Ethan is battered into a tree with a thunderous crack.

Arrows whistle in the air, only to sink into the great beasts chest from Raphaela. The mighty bite of the lion is met with Meric's own fury, as two beasts rage face to face with flying fangs. Alonzo's flask of whale oil and soap, cracks open along the massive ribs of the great cat. Its mysterious agent ready to work upon the creature.

Mero's arrow misses the Lion. He quickly draws his sword and with incredible speed he is upon the beast. But the lion matches his speed with it's large claw. In a flash he is sent sailing through the air like a rag doll, his body lands amoungst the grasses many yards away.

Alonzo seeing Desi so close to kitty the flask is not followed by a fire ball. Instead he quickly readys another flask and runs behind the creature, doing something rather it an enema of a open flask of whale oil mixed with soap, shoving it in with all the force of a descendant of Oberon…and lighting it afire as he quickly pulls his hand out.

"Bahhh!" goes the Black goat. Stomping its foot on the ground twice before kicking into a charge to pin the heroes tween both great beasts. The sheer size and weight of this creature warrents it to be less concerned about missing and hitting a tree. (challenge 11 to defend and attack.)

"Ethan," Desirata streaks with a mixture of surprise and anger. On the gold in her eyes says there's a great deal of anger in there. She launches after the man, trying to put herself between it and the cat to forestall a second attack.

Meric bites the lion and does his best to distract it away from everyone else. Let it fight him, Meric is a beast of a fighter. He keeps biting at the lion, doing his best to wound it horridly. He goes for the tendons in its legs.

Raphaela says in a rather clear voice, once all have bounced to save her, holding her tree vigorously "Don't…forget…the dragon…" she notes loud, trying to speak over the battle and still trying to catch her breath. Even more so after the kitty.

Alonzo manages to shove the flask in place within the beast, and is pulling his hand free, arm ablaze when a mule like kick hits him in the chest and knocks him off his feet and back a good five feet.

Raphaela looks at her remaining darts and then at the situation her friends are in. She slinks into a curve of a trunk, keeping her back safe as she takes her aim, carefully. PWooooing to Meric's aid. If she misses Meric that is. She should.

Ethan says, "…see… Lion." He pulls himself up from the tree and turns to stand side by side with Desirata. His shoulder is raked but it's mostly a superfiscial wound, the red of blood disguised by his red shirt. "I'm alright." He readies his blade and taunts the great Cat. "Here …kitty kitty.""

Raphaela steadies her aim with her other arm slipping under the elbow of the one holding the crossbow. She aims carefully, at the fight of Meric, Lion and the wardro…wait no, well, others. Not releasing yet. With not many arrows left each has to hit.

Desirata eyes Ethan, and huffs. "Don't get yourself killed," she states sternly and hefts her blade. She doesn't really waito so much as dart forward to see about a lucky blow to the hind end of the Lion.

The Lion roars like thunder on the mountains. So many little creatures to eat, so many stings and bites pricking its giant form. Claws lash out and its maw seeks blood and bones.

Meanwhile growing ever closer to the parties back is the black goat. The only thing standing in its way is Mero.

Alonzo 's fire seems to have had no effect for a moment but then the cat gives a yowl of pain, and another, and fire and disgusting fluids gush forth from its rear, accompanied by no small amount of blood. Small flakes of something seem to stick to the cat and the ground, continuing to burn.

As the goat charges across the field Mero stands up right in the path of it's charge. He looks staggerd from the hit he took from the lion and doesn't immediately try to get out of it's way. He waits for the goat to be right upon him before slashing and leaping away. The sword cuts in, but he is in turn glanced mid-leap. He again hits the grass rolling.
Mero says, "Uph!"

"Somebody go help Mero!" Meric yells between dodging the big claws. He darts beneath the bead and jumps up to bite at it's belly, claws digging into the fur and skin beneath it. He makes sure to keep away from any fire.

Raphaela's aim shifts as she notices Mero is in more trouble and doesn't have much time, she aims for the eye of the goat.
Raphaela just made the goat angry and waves the attention to herself. Then realises it could be a bad idea. RUNS!

Desirata checks to see that Raphaela is nearly cear when she hears the cry for Mero. She skirts around Ethan, bounding forward and a few words on her lips to call the ground to crumble.

Ethan says, "This kind of stings you bastard.", looking at his shoulder. his eyes narrow and his jaw clenches. He stabs into it's burning hide plunging his broadsword deep, but singeing his hand, he let's it go. Stepping back to asses the situation and avoid a retaliary claw. Seeing Des, move past him, he eyes the goat."

Perhaps it is her dashing personality or the fact she waved at the Goat after missing its eye and sinking her crossbow bolt along the ridge of its nose. "Bah!" Goes the Goat who gives chase to Raphaela, ignoring Mero for the moment!

As Alonzo's fire erupts alng the side and from the back of the now whimpering giant Lion. Its feet sink into the earth and springs off, trying to escape or out run the crackling fire that burns into it.

Meric yelps as the Lion starts running off. He still has his teeth and claws buried in the thing regardless. He starts ripping his head and biting more, trying to bring the thing down.

Raphaela is already running, and the way she does not trip on roots or smack into low branches is positively fascinating. Her reasoning simple enough…more dense trees…harder for big things to move…Right? She leans all her weight against small trees and branches, letting them go, snapping back, towards the goat.

Alonzo rises to his feet and runs at the goat, trying to grab each horn with one hand. If he gets a good grip he'll try to force the horns apart, breaking them off. As a distraction he also says.."I have a message for Pliny, goat-boy"

The lion roars in flames, trying to roll in the ground to put out the fires and be rid of the still snapping Weir. With Ethan's sword still sticking out of its side, it yelps in pain as it does this. ut it is a secondary roar from above that may catch the attention of some. Wings flapping send gusts of wind through the trees above, Ethan, Desirata, and Petrus. The 'Dragon' it seems is very real and angry. Which may be to Mero's chagrin.

Ethan says, "shit."

Meric holds on for dear life until he sees an opportunity. When he finds it, he jumped from the lions belly and at it's neck instead. He starts biting the things neck, easily one of th most sensitive places and a wolf and weir's favorite target.

Alonzo grabs the horn, but only briefly as the goats head whips to the side, tossing Alonzo a good five feet away where he scampers up into a crouch, shaking his head to clear it.

Desirata bounds forward with the toss of Alonzo to try and slide her blade beneath the goat man's
guard. Blades isn't her specialty it would seem.

Raphaela gained some time with Alonzo's try, but she's not very fit all in all. She looks up and mutters "Told you so." she then picks a random tree to stand before of and wait for the goat.

The Dragon swoops down a fury from the skies. It is a dark and ominous form that would bring terror to even the stoutest of hearts. As Meric clings onto the back of the wounded lion a dark shadow forms over the Lion and Wolf. The dragon has chosen it's target. Meanwhile, the goat changes direction charging furiously at the lion, dragon, and unfortunate Weir.

"Shit," cries Petrus when he sees the dragon, echoing Ethan. "It's a goddamned Dragon!"

Raphaela is relieved. Being bait is not best of the feeling, after all. Then runs back to see meric is, indeed, as two have already proclaimed, in deep shit.
Raphaela mutters "I don't like the looks…of…it…" something dawns in the eyes of a scholar. "Nah."

Meric keeps biting the lions neck, but he hears thunder approaching and see's the shadow. He pauses just long enough to look up, and just long enough that the lion lands a lucky blow which sends him flying off into the wood. There's a loud crack as he smacks into a tree, it's followed closely by a yelp.

Ethan says, "but it's a pretty small one…" Ethan sizing up the thing. "and I've got a sword to fetch." He charges toward the three monsters. Picking up a tree branch on the way. "Hey!""

Alonzo regains his footing, raising his hands in front of himself facing the goat, yelling "Goat-boy!", closing his eyes and calling a burst of flame with no heat but all the brilliance he can muster in an attempt to blind the goat, since most of the others are facing towards the dragon.

Horrid screams rise up from the three creatures, as black goop begins to bleed and bound each creature to the other. Each form blending into the others, until standing in the clearing with three heads, is one massive Chimera. Its dragon wings curved in two waves over its heads trying to shield itself from the dazzling light of Alonzo's magic. A single roar emits from each head of the beast, a mutalated cry of anger and rage. (Challenge 12 attack and defend).

Raphaela looks at it "Oh crap."
Raphaela offers a scream "Attack all three heads at once!"

Mero stands up from the grass. "Grrr." He tightens his grip on his sword and falls into lock step with Ethan.

Ethan says, "You took a piece outta me back there, whatever you are!" He rages. "It's payback time!""

Raphaela is left without arrows. So she merely gapes at the creature with scientific bouncyness. Whoa, she still has energy to bounce. "Oh oh oh! Attack all three at once, all three…Oh may I take the corpse home, Mandrakes will LOVE it." yep. Lost it. Entirely. Crazy woman.

Petrus is charging for the goat when they come together. He looks amazed for a moment, then tries to make a charge it it, aiming to damage a wing. He cries, "Argh!" as he leaps at it, wearing the face of a madman. Because, what other face does one wear when rushing toward such an obviously pointless death?

Meric comes limping out of the woods after a bit and pauses when he sees the big thing there. He crouches and does his best to leap at the three headed monster, but gets a claw swipe instead. He lands a good deal away, near the others, and finds himself sprawled out on his side. "Ow."

Desirata falls back, calling to the winds, at least if the beast is still in flight. Her focus purely to the simple act.

Raphaela slinks towards Meric, her eyes still locked on the beast. With what might look like a genuine love at first sight. Wants it for a pet. Wants it in a jar. She does. SHe helps Meric up.

Alonzo seeing his flare not blind the beast Alonzo takes a different tack out of desperation…he conjures a large double handful of slingstone size pebbles in his hands, making them with many sharp edge by dissolving grooves in them as they are made. He then squeezes his hands together, crying out as his hands are cut deeply and blood pours out over the stone. Before he collapses in pain though he sends the mass of sharp stones covered in the blood of oberon's line towards a head, aiming for mouth or eyes.

Ethan Charges and slides on a knee under the wing of the thing, it swipes at him but find only air, and then pain as he slams his club into it's knee, grabs the petruding hilt of his broadsword in it's side, and yanks it free, sending a spray of dark red blood through the air in a crescent. His momentum never stopping he rolls under a dragon tail slap that shakes the ground, and rises to his feet behind the thing. Bloody blade in hand.

Meroattacks the creature working in concert with the furious blows from Ethan and Petrus. He makes no major headway but his blows distract the beast causing an opening that his companions exploit.

Meric stands, slowly, with the assistance of Raphaela. Four legs make him a bit more stable, but he did just get owned twice so he's a bit woozy. "Remind me to watch my back next time," he says to no one in particular as he starts to walk towards the Chimera once again, still bent on striking at it.

Petrus's strike cuts deeply into an important section of the wing, hopefully limiting its skyward mobility. He manages another shallow cut while trying to back away from the thing, but nothing to write home about. He scrambles back to his feet as he narrowly escapes serious harm.

Raphaela says after MEric "Watch your back.

Mero dodges forward just intime to escape an eruption of flame from the dragon head. He again finds himself laying in the grass this time bathing in the creatures gushing blood. He swings his sword furiously and does his best not to get trampled.

Raphaela reminds him, yes. ANd then slumps down in grass watching the show. SHe likely plots action figures she'll make. Then a flying piece of chimera darts her way and smacks her straight on the forehead with a blast of a brick. And Raph's luck ran out, she's soooo down. What a stupid way to go.

The beast rages against the onslaught of steel and the sweat of man's brow(and women). Trying to take flight and gain the advantage until Petrus's strike cripples one wing. Leaving the beast to wrestle with Ethan, Mero, and Petrus. A strange howl erupts from the dragon, as Alonzo's blood covered stones spark as they sink into the face and necks of the Chimera.

Its lion like body already bloody and burnt from the earlier fight. The creature struggles to hold its ground against the endless effort of our heroes. But the mighty beast is losing ground.

The winds down down long enough for Desi to launch herself after the dragon. Seems a large enough target really. She cuts out with her blade, trying to catch to the underbelly. Her side exposed for a fleeting moment to the beast's tail, in her haste to help Ethan.

Alonzo has enough presence of mind to cauterize his own wounds before slipping into unconsciousness from repeated tossing about, blood loss, and pain.

"I didn't mean now," Meric calls to Raphaela as he starts to trot at the beast while it backs away, soon enough he's ignoring the pain as any good Argus would, and running right at the creature. He leaps it one of it's wings, aiming to bite or at least trying to maneuver the beast back towards the others. He's wounded, labored breathing, a long gash down his body.

After a series of dodges, stabs, and rolls Mero pops up from under the beast without his sword. He grabs the front leg with all his might pulling the creature a bit off balance.

There's being in the wrong place at the wrong time. One of the claws catches the Pathi ambassador when she lunges in to try and land her own blow. Foolishly too soon. The white gown is truly ruined and stained with blood as she lowers a hand to her side, falling back from the creature.

Ethan uses the hole Mero made for them and throws all his might into a series of powerful thrusts. Sinking his blade all the way through it's ribs, again and again. It's three heads howling in a terrible cacauphony. It's tail lashing this way and that slows, and wriggles, as the thing falls over onto the lion side. Ethan keeps impaling it as the six red eyes dim, and darkness seems to flee the clearing. The moonlight shines down on the heroes, all standing around the dead Chimera.

When Petrus sees Ethan has the thing in hand, he makes for Desirata, having seen her take a hit. His eyes scan about wildly for further trouble.

Mero lets go of the beast and proptly falls back on his butt breathing hard from the exersion. "Ugh. That was one tough SOB." He looks around taking measure of the condition of all his companions.

Desirata holds her side tightly. Some comment of 'not again' may even heard mumbled beneath her breath while she curls into a small ball. At least she can explain this one to the seamstress.

The whirlwind of battle quiets as the beast stills into death. The smell of blood and sweat fills the clearing but no signs of trouble stand about. Only the rag tag bunch who still stand, wounded and tired from the swirling chaos of battle and the lifeless form of the Chimera.

Mero gets up and checks on Raphaela. He picks her up and walks back torwards the camp.