In addition to personal experience, you could expect to know the information on this page if you have any of the following lores:

  • GL-Pathi/3
  • GL-GC/4 (excluding Academies, as noted)

Pathi is ruled, or more correctly administrated, by a triumvirate of magistrates known as Archons. Each of the academies of Pathi — Brass, Glass, and Iron — holds one of the seats.1 Traditionally, the Archon of Brass deals with matters of knowledge, including foreign relations, the Archon of Glass handles trade and other infrastructure issues, and the Archon of Iron manages defense and security.

The philosophy of the government is largely based in democracy. Within each academy, members in good standing and alumni vote regularly on who will be their Archon. The Archons themselves largely govern by consensus. However, when this cannot be reached, an Ecclesia, or an assembly of the people, may be called in which matters will be debated, and then put to the vote.

There is a distinct difference between the roles of the triumvirate and the Sanctuary. The former is the body that heads the actual executive branch. They carry out the day to day running of the city. Everyone holds a niche of position of power under them. It could be as small as the keeper of a few books in the library to being responsible for the research of a whole school of magic. The latter holds a more advisory role in the city. They do not command anything or anyone. It is common for those who retire from the politics and Academies to find a position in Sanctuary.