In addition to personal experience, you could expect to know the information on this page if you have any of the following lores:

  • GL-Pathi/2
  • GL-GC/4

As the location of Pathi changes with each movement across the Realms, geography is a transient thing. However, there seems to be some fundamental constants:

  • Pathi is always on an island.
  • Pathi's harbor district is always on the inside of a bay.
  • The island has hills and mountains, and at least one semi-active volcano.
  • The island's climate is temperate to Mediterranean.

From 2 AC to 7 AC (May 2009)

Pathi was located on an elongated island measuring about 70 miles north-south and 150 miles east-west, though 30 miles of that is a narrow peninsula pointing to the northeast, often less than 10 miles wide.

350px-Cyprus_topo.png modis_cyprus_lrg.jpg

Much of the terrain is mountainous, a large range dominating the western half. A dormant volcano sits in the middle of this range, though active vents abound, and even a few lava flows. Another ridge-line follows the northern shore of the island.

Between the two mountain ranges is a plain, bisected by a major river. This is where most of the population lives. The city of Pathi is located at the mouth of the river on the eastern shore.

The climate is warm and fairly dry, with mild wet winters (mean temperatures around 10C) and hot dry summers in the lowlands (mean around 30C). The mountainous regions are cooler and wetter (summer mean around 22C and winter 3C).

This location was remarkable in that it was one of the longest periods of time that Pathi had stayed in one place, and during this time, the Black Road had manifested itself.

From 7 AC (May 2009) to Present

The day after the victory in the Black Road War, Pathi relocated to a place next to a blue-green sea with a blue-green sky.