Foreign Relations


In addition to personal experience, you could expect to know the information on this page if you have any of the following lores:

  • GL-Pathi/5
  • (specific location lore)/5

Pathi tends to not have tight relations with any foreign power. Generally speaking, it can be described as "blissful apathy". Typically, Pathi maintains no embassies, sending envoys on the rare occasions when it needs to communicate with foreign realms. This means that the reverse, however, is quite difficult, as the way to Pathi is not know except by a few. Thus, it becomes necessary to find a Tester (Dokimastis) in either one's own land or another to request a parlay. Given that such rarely make their presence known, it can be quite difficult.

The lack of embassies can be traced to multiple reasons. For one, the number of Pathians traveling outside of their homeland is so low that such is not needed for their benefit. Secondly, the number of Pathians who would want to accept the post of Ambassador (including additional staff and Custos), and thus live for extended periods of time outside of Pathi is quite low. And finally, Pathi frankly has little interest in what happens outside of Pathi.


Pathi has had a rather see-saw relationship with Amber over the millennia, particularly in the past few years. Currently, Pathi does not recognize Julian as King.

Golden Circle

After the attack on Begma's Embassy in Amber in 7 AC, relations have deteriorated. Begma has denounced Pathi as a state sponsor of terrorism, and is demanding restitution. Pathi's reaction has been one of increased apathy, however. It has, at least, removed all Testers from Begma.
Pathi has no contact with Cibola, due to their interest in finding powers to allow their people to travel through the realms. Thus, it has been deemed too dangerous to allow any travel to that land, including by Testers.
Pathi has no contact with Minos, due to the previous war with that realm.
Pathi has a fairly friendly relationship with Rebma currently, with a treaty in place covering defense, trade, and information exchange.