In addition to personal experience, you could expect to know the information on this page if you have any of the following lores:

  • GL-Pathi/3
  • GL-GC/4

Pathi tries to be as self-reliant as it can be when it comes to its food and clothing. Given the restriction on travel to Pathi, large amounts of trade goods are problematic.

Wheat, barley, grapes, and olives are the major crops. the former in the better soils, and the latter in the more rocky and hilly terrain within the city walls. However, due to the frequent movement of Pathi, and that a limited amount of arable land travels with it, planting outside of the city area is risky.

Goats and sheep are the major animals in abundance, both providing for dairy products, and the latter for meat and wool as well. Some poultry are raised as well. However, fishing provides for most of the meat consumed in Pathi. Bee-keeping is an abundant source of honey, as there is no other sugar source available. Animals are often seen grazing withing small tracts of city land, though small flocks are sometimes taken outside for short periods of time.

Trade consists of low-volume, high-value goods. Olives, olive oils, cheeses, and wine are some of the mundane goods traded, often for similar food delicacies from other Shadows.

As any Pathi Trader must be a wizard as well (and usually, a wizard of Water), some of the trade is in magical goods, particularly alchemetical products, though some rune-based devices are traded as well.