Dominic is the eldest acknowledged child of Princess Fiona of Amber, and son of the late Hierophant Miklos. He's made most of his life in Pathi, with only occasional forays to Amber until very recently.

Dominic's career has been focused in and around the Academy of Glass, where he has served as Scholarch and instructor for over four centuries. He maintains a chair in the Kolegio Kosmoi, and in the wake of Pliny's final assault on Pathi was promoted to Basileus of the Kolegio Spagyria. He is considered to have the ear and confidence of Archon Lunetta on Academy matters, and is often used by her to represent the Academy of Glass outside of Pathi.

His knowledge of Arcanis is rumored to be wholly theoretical, but he is an accomplished alchemist and a respected cosmologist and philosopher.