Two locations have been defined for building: Pathi and the Amber Embassy. The current builder character is Pathi_Bldr.


The parent room for Pathi is #1609.

The Grand Circle (#1928) is available for @teleport.

Personal housing is intended to be linked to the Residential District (#3992), which may be linked to. You may request backlinks by contacting the builder.

Please contact the builder for other types of rooms to determine its proper placement. However, note that Pathi is seldom used for general RP, as access to it is somewhat restricted. Therefore, the need for permanent rooms is rather low.

Amber Embassy

The Amber Embassy is located at Main Concourse and Embassy Way. The Courtyard (#823) is available for @teleport.

The parent room of the embassy is #957.

There is a "nexus" room that represents the generic inner hallways of the embassy. Anyone with a current working relationship with Pathi can have a personal room here. It can be linked to using #990. You may request backlinks by contacting the builder. This room can also be used to link temprooms that represent guest facilities, or other rooms that do not need a permanent presence.

Please contact the builder if you would like to create other types of permanent rooms.