Black Road

In addition to personal experience, you could expect to know the information on this page if you have any of the following lores:

  • GL-Pathi/3 (History)
  • GL-Pathi/4 (Metaphysics)
  • GP-Arcanis/4 (Academic Efforts)


The Black Road first appeared in Pathi around 4 AC (years after the start of Corwin's Chronicles) as a corrupted alley in the city. Attacks soon followed, and have continued to the present day. Most are not organized, but a few have been, requiring a large contingent of the Red Dragons to be kept at the ready. Guard duty at the site is a common appointment for many, from Custos to Philosophos.

More recently, a special squad has been formed to combat the Black Road, the Black Dragons.

Academic Efforts

Shortly after the threat was realized, the Academy of Brass organized a special research committee. Pliny, Kynan, and Oscar were three of the more notable members appointed to it. As the attacks grew, and the nature of the Black Road became more prominent not just in Pathi, but across Shadow, this committee was promoted to the position of a Kolegio within the Academy.


Pathi did not relocate itself from the time of the appearance of the Black Road. While no official statement was made linking these two facts, the immediate relocation following the defeat of the Black Road Invasion would tend to lead credence to the rumors.

Defeat of the Black Road Invasion

On May 13, 2009, the Black Road invaded Pathi in force, and Pathians across Shadow were recalled to defend their homeland. Others from Amber and beyond were allowed to enter, and together they fought numerous Black Pathi and their minions, turning the tide against them. On May 26, Pliny arrived in person, and challenged Kincaid to single combat. Kincaid was victorious, dealing a mortal blow to Pliny, but not without cost — he was blinded as Pliny died.

This duel was actually a diversion, as the Black Pathi mounted their final battle when they summoned a great beast of fire. Before the defenders could mobilize, it had destroyed the Academy of Iron, killing the Archon. It wreaked havoc and destruction as it tried to attack the Academy of Glass, but the defenders found its weakness and destroyed it. This battle broke the back of the invasion, and the remaining forces were quickly defeated.

Shortly thereafter, a great red light flooded outwards from the center of the city. Where it touched the Road, it crumbled to nothing. Many of the prisoners and artifacts left behind by the invaders succumbed to it, and those that didn't were purged of their black marks in screaming agony. When the light faded, after what seemed like an eternity, but was really only moments, Pathi had moved, under a new sky, with new silver stars, and unfamiliar constellations. Day gave way to show a new place next to a blue green sea with a matching sky. It is spring here, and the smell of blooming flowers competes with the smells of burning and decay.

This light had never been seen before, at least in recent history, or to common recorded knowledge. It also destroyed any high-ranking Black Pathi captives and their artifacts. While some of the prisoners seem to have escaped this fate, their status is currently unknown.

While Pathi was victorious, the City did not escape unscathed:

The Academy of Brass
The Pillar of the Key has a crack across it, though the academy does not seem to be in danger. The library lost a few unimportant volumes.
The Academy of Glass
Largely in one piece.
The Academy of Iron
In addition to the Archon, over half of Pathi's Custos were lost. There is significant damage to the barracks, and the administrative wing was destroyed.
The Sanctuary
Largely in one piece.
The rest of the city
No building is untouched, and a third are in ruins. Not counting the losses in the Academy of Iron, about 10% of the population is dead or missing.