Amber Embassy

In addition to personal experience, you could expect to know the information on this page if you have any of the following lores:

  • AL-City/1
  • AL-Amber/3
  • GL-Pathi/5

The Amber Embassy is located at the northeast corner of the Main Concourse and Embassy Way, occupying a very large tract of land. The grounds are surrounded by a 10 foot wall.


The Embassy was built in a mostly Pathian style, though it incorporates elements from Amber culture as well. The structures are made of a white, smooth stone. Doors and windows are usually arched, and framed with Ionian columns. The roof incorporates domes and curved lines, usually colored light blue.

OOCly, the architecture of Pathi is a mixture of the styles of ancient Greece and Byzantium. The design of the embassy is similar, though not exact, to the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

Street Entrance

From the street, there is a single arched entrance in the wall, barred by heavy iron gates. Since the embassy was re-opened, these have been left open, though guards stand vigil at all times.

The building is offset to the right and set back slightly. A cobbled road leads from the gates to the entrance, curving right towards the stables set against the wall.

The Structure

To the left, the building bulges outward, a circular two-story room on the corner of the structure consisting of many windows that afford views of the grounds and the city. Over this room, the roof is a partial dome, and joins with 3 others, connected to one central golden dome about four stories high. Arched windows surround each.

On the right side, a tower rises high above the rest of the building, one story higher than the central dome on the other side. Arched windows surround the top, which is capped with small golden dome. The walls connecting the two halves are low, only about two stories, the roof being a simple linear curve that suggests the presence of an open inner courtyard.