In addition to personal experience, you could expect to know the information on this page if you have any of the following lores:

  • GL-Pathi/5
  • AL-Amber/5 (AL-Amber/3 for current day)

Pathi has long known of Oberon, and then Amber. However, official relations have never been "warm", though neither have they declined to open animosity.

Times are given relative to the master timeline, the origin being the start of Corwin's Chronicles—the day he awoke on Earth and escaped from Greenwood. Dates are suffixed with BC to denote years prior, and AC for years after. OOC dates are also given when they relate to events that happened in the game.

The Dawn of Time

This period covers the time from the beginning of recorded history (3000 BC) to when Clarissa of Pathi becomes Queen of Amber (1450 BC).

Pathi and Amber meet early in this period, but Pathi declines to form an alliance.

During Clarissa's Reign in Amber

This period covers the time of Clarissa's reign as Queen of Amber (1450 - 1225 BC).

The relationship between Pathi and Amber grows, and an alliance is formed.

The Embassy in Amber is built and expanded to its current size.

After Clarissa's Return

This period covers the time from Clarissa's divorce from Oberon and her return to Pathi (1225 BC) to the start of Corwin's reign as Regent (5 AC/Oct 2007).

Pathi suspends all formal contact with Amber. The Ambassador is recalled and the Embassy is placed into a maintenance-only status. The staff becomes completely Amber-only, even the chief of staff, though occasional contact is made from Pathi, and funds are transferred to pay for the upkeep.

Official diplomatic contact with Amber is extremely rare, and the arrival of an official envoy is rarer still. To the general population, Pathi becomes almost a myth, though the presence of the Embassy is proof that it once existed.

Pathi also suspends all Testing of children in Amber, and no Dokimastis is assigned to the territory.

Current Day

This covers the period from Corwin's return as Regent of Amber (5 AC, Oct 2007) to the current day. Dates are given in real game time. AL-Amber/3 is sufficient to know of most of the information presented here.

The arrival of the Black Road started to change the policy of isolation. In 5 AC (Sep 2007), a diplomatic mission arrived in Amber which officially began the process of reopening the Embassy, led by the Hierophant Kynan who was named acting Ambassador. However, while Pathi started to interact more with Amber, there was no significant warming of relations with the Crown, as the Regent, and then King, Corwin had little contact. Within the year, Desirata was named to the position of Ambassador.

After Corwin departure from Amber in 6 AC, relations improved under the Regency of Brand.

Relations with Amber took another downturn after Brand resignation, and the subsequent ascendancy of Julian to the Regency, followed by his coronation in 7 AC. Pathi has refused to recognize Julian as King, and has gone as far as to post copies of documents written at the time of Oberon marriage to Clarissa. One mentions the removal of a "Nail" that would permit Pathi greater independence. Another hints that Oberon would name his firstborn child as Heir.