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There are no titles of "Lady" or "Lord" in Pathi. Being addressed as a lady or lord is the equivalent of being called a woman or man, female or male. The typical Pathian may be more forgiving towards the ignorant and correct them politely, but the tolerance is rarely extended a second time. Everyone, from the highest Archon to the lowest citizen has a title to be used during public conversation.

The Pathi places a great deal of emphasis on propriety and ritual, albeit in their own special way. In a practice similar to that of religious orders, they have adopted a body of titles to indicate each citizen's place in the order. Such titles are far from honorifics, some vain sorcerers who claim titles far in excess of their actual accomplishments will find himself as the recipient of sudden new duties, often menial.

Titles in Pathi are further complicated by the fact that there are various forms of usage:

Full Title
One's full title conveys a short history of their duties, both past and present. It is formed by taking every individual title one has ever held and concatenating them, the earliest to the right. In the case of repeated titles, the earlier or less prestigious one is dropped. After the title comes the person's name, and then their Academy (or the Sanctuary). For example, if one taught at the Academy of Brass, then spent time researching Arcanis, their title would be "Scholarch Philosophos Esoteros Name of Brass". Even in Pathi, a full title is not often used except in formal proceedings.
Short Title
One's short title is commonly refers to their current or last position, and thus is usually the last component of the full title. However, in the case of titles that are qualified by a modifier, such as "Philosophos Esoteros", usually only the main title is used (e.g., "Philosophos"). The short title is what is most often used when making introductions.
Form of Address
This is used when addressing a person after their title has been used once, or between colleagues when a medium level of formality is being maintained (e.g., "His/Her/Your Eminence").

Here are a few of the titles used by Pathi, as well as their form of address. The middle of the Pathian hierarchy is a confusing maze, it is polite to always have someone introduce one before engaging in a conversation, only when there is no other present does the Pathian introduce himself or herself. It is considered a little crass to announce one's own titles, unless it is out of necessity, as is often the case when one is traveling in foreign lands.

The group composed of three Archons is named the Triumvirate. It is the highest court of justice and ruling body in Pathi. Beside them as acting advisers is the sisterhood of Sibyls, they represent the Covenant of the Sanctuary. The two orders hold their own distinctive titles.

Position ShortTitle Form of Address
Archon of Glass High Magister of the Academy of Glass Our Most Distinguished Excellency
Pathian Sibyl Grand Mistress of the Sanctuary Very Reverend Madam
Hierophant Hierophant His (Her) Eminence
Ambassador None His (Her) Excellency
Positions in Between None His (Her) Excellency
Alumnus None None