In addition to personal experience, you could expect to know the information on this page if you have any of the following lores:

  • GL-Pathi/4
  • GP-Arcanis/2

Every citizen is linked to one of the Academies, either directly or indirectly. Positions of powers are never given out frivolously, each title holds its own responsibilities and reflect the capabilities of the holder.

An Academy is more than just a place of learning in Pathi society. It is almost a way of life, and many citizens serve the one of their upbringing for much of their lives. Each is led by an Archon, who is elected during an Ecclesia. While any topic may be brought forth and voted upon by the Assembly, in general only the most important and divisive issues are decided in this manner, the rest delegated to the Archons and even less important ones to their subordinates.

Each Academy is structured as follows:

  • Kolegio: A college devoted to a major philosophy or field of study. There are many in each Academy, and the list is somewhat dynamic over time.
  • Dikastes: The judicial branch of the Academy, charged with maintaining discipline.
  • Themeliosi: The support staff, such as guards, kitchen assistant, maid, servants, etc. The term means "foundation".

Titles within an Academy:

  • Archon: The elected head of each Academy, a member of the triumvirate
  • Hierophant: An honorary title given to a member to signify both depth and breadth of knowledge (somewhat like a "Distinguished Professor" in the U.S. academic system).
  • Basileus: The head of a Kolegio, usually appointed by the Archon.

Positions within an Academy:

  • Scholarch: One who has taught at the Academy.
  • Dokimastis: One who has traveled outside of Pathi looking for students, commonly called a Tester by those outside of Pathi.
  • Philosophos: One who does research into the nature of magic.
  • Dikast: One who serves in the judicial branch of an Academy.

While not an official title, those who perform academic duties, particularly research, are often classified into two groups:

  • Esoteros: Members who are devoted to the study of Pathian knowledge, sometimes referred to as being of the Inner Circle
  • Exoterikos: Members who are devoted to the research of other shadows’ knowledge, sometimes referred to as being of the Outer Circle

Status with the Academy:

  • Scholi: An active faculty member of an Academy
  • Alumnus: A graduate of an Academy who holds no set duties or positions.
  • Disciple: An undergraduate of an Academy who is yet to complete the studies.